A downloadable aquarium analogue for Windows and macOS

really, if you've seen one *arium, you've seen 'em all

much like your swim-of-the-mill fish tank, your options for interaction with your flighty charges are limited:

  • use the up arrow to feed the critters
  • use the down arrow to vacuum food out of the critters' reach
  • use the left and right arrows to select from a vast variety of eye-catching backgrounds
  • click on the critters to keep them safe from harm, help, and most forms of social interaction
  • also click on their interpersonal missives
  • don't tap on the glass
  • it won't do anything
  • there are probably other things, too

the goal is to keep the little spirits alive, healthy and free from demonic corruption for as long as you feel like can, but maybe you're just here for the fireworks

thanks for playing!


[made for petjam2k15]

[found bugs? leave them in the comments!]

[to die!]

Install instructions

open the unzipped folder and double click on the .exe file (windows) or app (mac)


aetherium(mac).app.zip 11 MB
aetherium(win32).zip 3 MB